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"Yeah, sure, nobody ever for a minute thought that I would use this Family site to push my poetry on folks!"
Well, I'm trying not to be pushy. So far I haven't received any news for the "News" page. I know it will take a while to reach a lot of family members to visit and enjoy the site. So, just to kill time, I decided to put up this page. I hope folks will like it and not be too critical of a self-serving ol' guy with too much time on his hands.
Note: If anyone would like to place a writing (can include pictures) feel free to send to me at e-mail : wkctheben@aol.com
Please remember to give your permission in your e-mail to publish your work online, along with any dedication or message you might like published with your work.
      The Ben
Ask, and it shall be given you;
seek, and you shall find;
knock, and it shall be opened to you.
For whoever asks, receives;
and he who seeks, finds;
and to him who knocks, the door is opened.

matthew 7:7:8 - jesus of nazareth 

Love Is
Love is a frozen lake,
With neither hole nor break.
Love is the moon in the sky,
Love is knowing the reasons why.
Love is living your whole life through
With the one you love,
The one you know loves you!

                       The Ben (age fourteen)
Mother Sunshine

Thinking on this dreary day,
I wish the clouds to go away.
Heart is heavy, eyes are wet,
Mother is gone, but I am yet.
We walked along, she held my hand,
We loved, we laughed,
We nourished the land.
Our time together flew by so fast,
When I was young, I thought it would last!
She loves me still, her Spirit in me,
One day, once more, her smile I'll see!
I must keep walking, I must keep living,
I must keep smiling, I must keep giving!
Her memories, her loves,
Must live on in me - until the time when once more I see
And feel the Universal love and warmth of Her Spirit in me.
It's a spiritual thing, its a song to sing,
Until I join Mother and Earth again.
I look out now, the Sun is shining!
Mother 'Sunshine' looks down and ceases my pining!
She dries up my tears - as always she did!
She desires only happiness, for me - her kid!
She now holds my hand in a 'spiritual' way,
Looking toward that wonderful day,
When all ansecters gather as a spiritual band
And love and caress, with a Spiritual hand!

The Ben (2006) 
The Church.
A church.
A god.
Your god.
Many gods.
An Idea.
Powerful ideas.
Eternal will.
God's love.
Eternal love.
Godly fear.
Fear of god.
Freedom from fear.
Free love.
Freedom to love.
Freedom from fear of god.
Freedom of religion.
Freedom from religion.
Freedom from god.
Freedom from fear.
Freedom of love.
Freedom to love.

                          The Ben