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                                             The Cales Family of Stump Lick Hollow - (WVa)

                                    Family of Howard Lee Cales  -  The Kentucky Connection
"Pa"  Phillip Marion Cales
"Maw"  Mary Susan (Ward) Cales
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from the "Book" and from social media.  I
sincerely hope this becomes something the entire family will accept in a positive light.
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 This page started May 8,2016 
​                         Family of
           Philip M & Mary S (Ward) Cales
​(NOTE: First child was a girl who died at birth or soon thereafter.)
2/24/1877 Silas Green Cales d.5/4/1958
9/21/1879 Monroe Brown Cales d.1/15/1962
3/5/1882 Charlie Dunn Cales d. 7/15/1970
9/4/1884 Luther Elmer Cales d. 4/7/1981
4/19/1887 Zebual Vance Cales d. 8/6/1950
10/13/1889 Alice May (Cales) Bragg d. 7/31/1980, wife of
  Alonzo 'Lon' Maxwell Bragg
4/4/1892 Howard Lee Cales d. 6/19/1970
1/6/1896 Elbert Francis Cales d. 2/13/1983
2/14/1899 Julian Spurgeon Cales
8/19/1901 Anna Leona (Cales) Richmond 
  d. 4/2/1964, wife of Clarence Richmond

​  "Bob"  Robert G. Cales
​  Roy (Rip) and Bob Cales

                           Howard Lee Cales

​  Roy (Rip) and Anna

​  Rip, Bob, and Anna Cales
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 Cales Family of Stump Lick Hollow

        The Kentucky Connection